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My name is Mehreen and this is my blog. If anyone was wondering no this blog is not about zodiac signs though I am in fact a Gemini. I am sixteen years old and a current grade 11 student. I’m from Canada and plan on moving to a nice warm place as soon as I can, preferably Australia or Italy. I enjoy hiking in the summer as I find it extremely relaxing and in winter I play squash. Winter which is officially five months out of twelve over here but it snow in the spring, fall and summer is not uncommon. Did I mention I hate snow? For two reasons mainly 1) because after about a week of looking at winter wonderland, all that white gets depressing and 2) snow eventually turns into ice.Now as a certified clumsy person, I have more than enough trouble walking on dry pavement add ice to the equation and you get broken ankles, bruised elbows, and second-degree concussions. I used to be a readaholic but ever since I started grade eleven I barely have time to read . My favorite genres are sci-fi, fantasy, dystopia, thrillers, and mystery, much to my mother’s dismay. She thinks I need to read more non-fiction which I actually plan on doing this year. Not because I want to but everyone keeps telling me it will improve my writing so I’ve decided I’ll give it a try hopefully I enjoy it. My all-time favorite books are The hunger games, Divergent, A thousand splendid suns, Wonder and to kill a mockingbird. I also enjoy watching movies and tv shows. I’m currently watching Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Titans, and Altered Carbon. Aside from reading and watching Netflix, I enjoy swimming, horseback riding and soccer. A few more things about me would be that I love animals especially dogs and cats, my favorite color is pink and I’m also a drama student, so I can be very dramatic. Which if you continue to read my blog you will probably realize.  That’s all I can think of at the moment so I guess I’ll see you later.




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  1. Dear Mehreen,

    As someone that doesn’t know you that well, your “About Me” was very informative. I felt as if I learned a lot about you, your personality, and your interests. I can definitely relate to you :-). (I used to have a phase where I was super into astrology, and my zodiac sign is a Leo! I also already watched the first season of Altered Carbon. It’s a really good show).

    For your “About Me”, I would suggest going a bit more creative in your writing. Your piece seemed more like a list of bullet points about yourself, and while it did get the point across, a bit of creativity wouldn’t hurt. I would love to understand more of your creative writing style and potential! Some of your sentences have grammar mistakes, so try to look over your writing for any errors next time. For example, “Winter which is officially five months out of twelve over here but it snow in the spring, fall and summer is not uncommon” doesn’t flow as properly as the sentence could. With these few corrections, your writing will be great!

    I’m looking forward to your writing progress throughout the semester!


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